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Speaker Bio

Lisa Payne is Global Director of UX Research at Condé Nast. She leads a global team located in London, New York and Bangalore working across a portfolio of high end brands including Vogue, GQ, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair and Wired. Lisa is responsible for spearheading the UX Research approach at Condé Nast elevating the voice of the user in product development decisions and future innovation.

Lisa holds a Psychology degree and has close to 20 years experience spanning product and design, research, strategy and data analytics roles at Virgin Media, Discovery Networks, Sky (UK), Comcast and now Condé Nast. Parallel to office life, Lisa is also mother to three energetic, young boys and resides in the London area.


Work-Life Balance

Day 2 - 28 Feb, 2024

11:20 AM - 11:45 AM / GMT

'You can be anything...but you can't be EVERYTHING!' Why not? Who wrote those rules?

Lisa Payne shares a presentation that conveys the challenges and the realities of returning to work after three maternity leaves. She explores her journey of advancing in her career while being one of the few women in leadership within a predominantly male-led industry. However, her presentation ultimately aims to instill a sense of empowerment and a can-do attitude. It seeks to inspire and excite not only working mothers but all women who aspire to achieve work-life harmony.

  • “We girls can do anything, right Barbie?” and “Anything is possible as long as I try”.
  • “We girls can do EVERYTHING, right Lisa?” and “EVERYTHING is possible as long as I try”.
  • “True courage is pursuing your dream, even if everyone else says it is impossible”
  • Don't redefine yourself to match the mould of the other traditionalist leaders up there. There is a seat at the top for those who lead with empathy and those who lead as Women.



Day 2 - 28 Feb, 2024

1:05 PM - 1:45 PM / GMT

Shaping the Future: Women at the Forefront of Leadership and Innovation

Dr. Najat Benchiba-Savenius, Chief of Staff - TONOMUS.NEOM

Lisa Payne, Global Director UX Research - Condé Nast
Sandrine Desbarbieux-Lloyd, Formerly UK Group Director - Meta
Thea Peterson, Creative Director, UKI Innovation Labs - SAP