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Speaker Bio

Lisa Mallner is currently a Commercial Advisor at the Consulate General of Denmark in New York, where she focuses on sustainability, as well as a co-organizer of NY Climate Tech, a community organization supporting the climate tech ecosystem. She has a global career spanning the Nordics, US, and Asia providing specialized strategic counsel to scaling companies, collaborating with large corporations and government agencies.

She has previously worked in Foreign Direct Investment facilitating the expansion of Nordic companies to the ASEAN region, and has expertise in navigating complex global landscapes and generating substantial deal flow. She is recognized for diplomatic communication, leadership in organizational change, and dedication to community building and supporting sustainable impact initiatives.


Inspiring Leadership Journeys

Day 1 - 27 Feb, 2024

10:20 AM - 10:45 AM / GMT

Here be dragons ... The Story of a Journey Through Uncharted Waters.

This year marks 40 years since Sarah started her career journey in technology, and the presentation tells the story of her progess from a systems engineer in the 1980s writing assembler code to her current role within AWS leading teams of architects, currently focussing on generative AI initiatives and on the impact of new technologies on customers across every industry. Her presentation will focus on the decisions she made, the highlights of that journey, as well as the lessons learnt and the challenges.

  • The importance of resilience in your career
  • Key tips to maintain work life balance
  • Lessons learnt from a life in technology
  • The importance of building your network



Day 2 - 28 Feb, 2024

4:20 PM - 5:00 PM / GMT

Empowering Leadership: Breaking Barriers and Fostering Diversity

Lisa Mallner, Sustainability Advisor - Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Aditi Sharma, Managing Director - Accenture
Erum Manzoor, SVP Global Wealth Technology - Citigroup
Safina Nadeem, Director Equality Diversity & Inclusion - NHS
Rithu Leena John, Senior Engineering Manager - Lyft