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Speaker Bio

I am a global citizen with 5 nationalities, having visited 55 countries and lived in United States, Europe and Latin America. As a passionate executive, I´ve achieved rapid career growth, earning 7 promotions within the last 10 years, after leading several multi-cultural teams. Today I am one of the youngest Vice-Deans worldwide. Overall I have 15 years of professional experience in Business Development, Sales, Growth, Marketing and Learning Innovation (L&D). I've been working for the past 10 years in Education| EdTech, growing in roles throughout the entire learner’s journey.

I am also Advisory Board Member of Education institutions in Latin America, both for K-12 and Higher Education. I am also Adjunct professor of courses in Public Speaking, Learning and Development and Well-being. I Received for five consecutive years the Teaching Excellence Award, based on students’ evaluations. I am passionate about EdTech and Learning & Development because I believe that education is the engine of change and development within society.


Leadership Skills Development

Day 1 - 27 Feb, 2024

11:45 AM - 12:10 PM / GMT

How to Stay Updated and Relevant as a Women Leader in a Skill-based Economy?

As the world undergoes rapid transformations driven by technology and shifting market demands, staying updated and relevant is key. Women leaders must not only embrace change but also leverage their skills and knowledge effectively. This presentation will provide insights into key aspects that will empower women leaders to flourish in their leadership roles and contribute to their organizations' success. We will delve into the following critical topics: what are the most demanded skills today for top management profiles, how to leverage your personal brand as a female leader and how to stay relevant, while fostering work-life balance.

  • The importance of skilling and re-skilling for female leaders
  • Personal Branding can enhance your leadership presence and influence as a woman leader
  • Learn effective networking and mentorship strategies to navigate the complexities of a skill-based economy.
  • Tips to flourish in the future place of work for Female Leaders.



Day 1 - 27 Feb, 2024

1:05 PM - 1:45 PM / GMT

Innovating Leadership: Empowering Women in Tech and Beyond

Carla Szemzo, Vice-Dean - IE Business School

Harmony Murphy, Senior Head of Retail UKI - Google
Mellie Chow, Venture Partner - Archangel Axion Fund
Rubi Kaur, Chief Enterprise Architect - Lloyds Banking Group
Sarah Greasley, EMEA Director, Solutions Architecture - AWS