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Speaker Bio

Anne is responsible for the development of health, wellbeing and biotech regulator for NEOM, a new digital city and special economic zone. She has a clinical background and a strong track record in the delivery of complex strategic change to improve patient outcomes, build health system sustainability and create diverse investment opportunities.


Leadership Skills Development

Day 2 - 28 Feb, 2024

3:55 PM - 4:20 PM / GMT

Navigating Global Leadership: Challenges and Strategies

Join our Fireside Chat on Leadership Skills Development, where Anne Mottram will share insights on her overseas leadership journey. Explore their expectations and the challenges faced, as well as effective leadership strategies. Learn about differences in staff development approaches and the most rewarding aspects of leading in a new country. Discover how leadership style evolves over time and gain valuable advice on working overseas and preparation for this exciting adventure.

  • Planning to work overseas
  • Adapting your style to work in new cultures
  • Leading an international team
  • Leadership and development in new cultures



Day 2 - 28 Feb, 2024

4:20 PM - 5:00 PM / GMT

Empowering Leadership: Breaking Barriers and Fostering Diversity

Lisa Mallner, Sustainability Advisor - Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Aditi Sharma, Managing Director - Accenture
Erum Manzoor, SVP Global Wealth Technology - Citigroup
Safina Nadeem, Director Equality Diversity & Inclusion - NHS
Rithu Leena John, Senior Engineering Manager - Lyft