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Moderator Agreement

GWL Summit 2024
Virtual Conference

Moderator Agreement – GWL Summit 2024

This Moderator Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into between the (“Moderator”) and GWL Forum (“Organiser”) for the GWL Summit 2024 (“Virtual Conference”) to be held virtually on 27-28 February 2024.

1. Presentation Commitment:

1.1 Moderator agrees to moderate the panel(s) at the GWL Summit 2024 on the specified date(s) and time(s) designated by the Organiser.

1.2 Moderator will moderate the panel(s) that aligns with the agreed-upon topic, format and objectives, providing informative, engaging, and respectful panel discussion.

2. Panel Materials:

2.1 Moderator agrees to provide any materials (e.g., slides) to the Organiser by 30th January 2024, for review and distribution to panelists, as applicable.

3. Compensation (if applicable):

3.1 Moderator acknowledges that compensation for their participation in the GWL Summit 2024 is contingent upon a separate agreement or arrangement, if any.

4. Promotion and Publicity:

4.1 Moderator grants permission to the Organiser to use their name, image, and affiliation for promotional purposes related to the GWL Summit 2024, including marketing materials and social media promotion.

5. Recording and Distribution:

5.1 Moderator consents to the recording and distribution of their panel discussion and session for post-event access by attendees, including attendees who purchase on-demand access, for commercial and educational purposes.

5.2 On-Demand Access for GWL Members and Commercial Sales:

5.2.1 Moderator agrees that, following the GWL Summit 2024, the Organiser may make the recorded panel discussion and associated materials available for on-demand access to GWL Forum Members, sponsors, event partners and attendees.

5.2.2 Moderator’s panel discussion will be accessible to GWL Forum Members, sponsors, event partners for commercial purposes, including but not limited to sales and distribution.

6. Cancellation and Replacement:

6.1 If Moderator needs to cancel their participation, they agree to notify the Organiser promptly. The Organiser may seek a replacement moderator or reschedule the session.

7. Copyright and Intellectual Property:

7.1 Organiser retains ownership of the panel discussions but grants attendees a non-exclusive license to use them for personal and educational purposes.

8. Code of Conduct:

8.1 Moderator agrees to adhere to the GWL Summit 2024 Code of Conduct, promoting respectful and inclusive behaviour throughout the Virtual Conference.

9. Agreement Acceptance:

9.1 Moderator accepts the terms of this Agreement as an acknowledgment of their commitment to the success of the GWL Summit 2024.

This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between Moderator and Organiser with respect to the GWL Summit 2024 and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings, whether oral or written.